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Drone Photography

Drone Photography

The laws of perspective make everything look much grander from above and for this reason aerial images help you attract customers. If you want to take your business to the next level then you need to think about aerial images. Images captured of you, your product, your services from a whole new angle.

Aerial photography is a powerful tool for reaching out to your customers. I can provide images and I can provide video footage for you to edit into your corporate video. I can shoot promotional images or inspection images. Before you spend money on scaffolding ask me to send the drone up to have a look at what is happening on your property.

As your pilot, I am fully qualified, insured and have permission to fly on your behalf. This has been given to me by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Do not let your mate down the pub fly his drone for you for some footage for your business. You will both get into trouble. Please make sure you have a Drone Operator with a PfCO and ask for their number. They will be only too proud to show you and be glad that you are a switched on client.

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Drone Flight Times and Expectations

In ideal conditions a Drone battery can last up to 20 mins. But safety dictates that a flight of 15 minutes can be achieved from each battery. When flying for you I will need to have a safe point to take-off and land from.

Drone Weather Requirements

My UAV Weather App shows me when weather conditions are suitable for flying at your location. But briefly: I cannot fly in wind gusting over 10mps (20mph) or in rain or snow. The app gives me a 7 days forecast so we can choose the best day for your flight.

Drone Safety Disclaimer

Safety is my priority. I will only fly when and where it is safe for me to do so. My commercial permissions require that I stay 150m from congested areas and 50m from people, vehicles or buildings not under my control. I cannot fly over roads, public pathways, walkways, buildings and public spaces that are not under my full control. Once you confirm a shoot, I will complete a pre-deployment survey, an on-site survey and a full risk assessment. A large part of this can be done electronically however a site visit is required to ensure all risks have been assessed. On the day of flying I will brief all people that intend to be within my operational area. They will be made aware of my intentions, movements and the procedure they should follow if an emergency arises.