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Have you changed what you do whilst we have all been locked up and do you now need to tell people about that? You will obviously start writing words and popping that onto social media and making sure your message gets across, but we all know a picture paints a thousand words so why not have some photos of you doing your new thing, providing your new service, showing off your new products, working hard and having fun.

A year after I had decided to do it I finally did it - I updated my leaflet. I have refined what I offer based on what people mostly use me for:

Business Portraits, Personal Branding and Staff Portraits

Now I offer something I have been doing all along but I have now given it a title - Personal Branding - its all about showing you off doing what you do best and giving you loads of images that can be used on blogs, in social media, on your website, printed onto business literature. 90 mins and you will have images that cover all those areas.

Already delivered a couple of these and they are so much fun. Love my work, love my job, love my life.