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About Me

Who am I?

I'm a Leicestershire based professional, qualified, award winning and prize winning photographer. I have had a camera stuck to my face since I was 17. At that time I had a job, working as a typist in a typing pool, I know I am that old. I loved photography but at the time I did not realise I could turn this passion into a business opportunity. A chance to change career in 2008 meant I could transfer this love and passion into setting up and running my own business. In 2010 Joanne Cooper Photography was born. A decade on and I am still creating stunning images for businesses. I am very proud of myself and I have to say every day is a joy as it does not feel like work - I am doing what I love.

Over the decade I have offered various services and I think that now I am providing the things I love capturing with people and businesses who love what they do. Perfect combination.

My background in marketing, PR and tourism means I understand the importance of a good image and what it can do for your story, your business, your product, or your staff.


Degree in Arts - Staffordshire University

Passed with Distinction because I loved every minute of it.


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