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Timelapse Photography

Timelapse Photography

Timelapse presents the world in a way we rarely see it. Compressing time, turning clouds into rivers and cities into breathing pulsing organisms. We get the chance to see activity we don't normally see at a speed that amazes and fascinates.

Did you know: Having a movie on your website increases your Google ranking pushing you to the top in searches. You will make an emotional connection with your customers, who will be able to see your work at first hand.

How do I achieve this for you: First work out how long it takes for your product or service to transform - from start to finish. I will come to where your product or service happens and set up my equipment to capture the activity over that time period. I have a variety of equipment to use for your unique circumstances. I will be around to ensure it all progresses smoothly.

What happens next: I download and process the images, edit them and create a movie to your specification. A draft of your movie will be sent to you for approval. When you have approved the footage a final copy is prepared and output into a format suitable for use on your website.

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Timelapse Calculator

This is only used as an indicative guide and should not be a firm and fixed amount.
If you require exact values then please get in touch.

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