Networks are the life blood of any business and I belong to a number of different, but equally stimulating and entertaining, ones - for more details see the list on the networking page.


When I am not networking face to face I am doing it online. Please find me and connect/be my friend/follow me at:

Twitter:  @PhotoJoanne

Facebook:  Joanne Cooper Photography

Linked In:  JoanneCooperPhoto

Instagram: PhotoJoanne


Books I have produced can be purchased from Blurb as follows:

Helvetica* Books produced as a personal project in homage to the sublime 60 year old typeface.

Eden Odyssey this book was produced to showcase the work I created for the Eden Project commission.

Joan - Your life in Pictures produced for Mother's Day for my beautiful mum.



There are some truly gifted people out there and my inspiration comes from many areas - this you will know if you have heard me do a talk - but here are my favourite four: 

Duck Rabbit

Jill Cole

Urs Recher

Carl Warner